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Page Title: Installation of Front Panel Mounted Components.
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TM 9-4931-378-13&P
(8) installation of Card Rack Assembly. In-
switch (68) in accordance with
stall card rack assembly (80) as follows:
labels applied during disassembly.
(a) position card rack assembly (80) on
(5) Installation of Identification Plate. P o s i -
tion the identification plate (10) on the
(b) Secure card rack assembly (80) to
front panel (22) and secure with four
chassis with 14 screws (86) and
washers (85).
screws (11), washers (12) and nuts (13).
(6) Installation of Serial Number Plate. Posi-
(9) Installation of Terminal Block TB1. In-
tion the serial number plate (8) on the
stall terminal block TB1 (77) as follows:
front panel and secure with two rivets
(a) Position terminal block TB1 (77)
(9). (See item 26, figure E-7.)
on chassis framework.
(b) Secure terminal block TB1 (77) to
(7) Installation of Connectors J3 through J5.
chassis with two screws (74),
Install connector J3 through J5 (7) as
washers (75) and nuts (78).
(c) Connect wires to terminal board in
(a) Using appropriate insertion tool
accordance with labels applied dur-
from basic tool kit (5, Appendix
ing disassembly.
D), install each pin or socket in ac-
b. Installation of Front Panel Mounted Components.
cordance with wire list table 5-5.
Installation  of  Front  Panel.
(b) Insert connector (63) in appro-
panel (22) as follows:
priate hole from rear of front panel
(a) Position front panel (22) on chassis.
(b) Secure with 12 screws (19), washers
(c) Secure connector (63) in place with
(20) and nuts (21).
four screws (62), washers (64) and
(2) Installation of Bow Handles. Install b o w
nuts (65).
handles (16) as follows:
(8) Installation of Connectors J1 and J2. In -
Position bow handIe (16) and fer-
stall connector J1 or J2 (7) as follows:
rules (17) on front panel (22),
(a) Insert connector (63) in appro-
(b) Secure bow handle (16) and fer-
priate hole from rear of front panel
rules (17) to front panel (22) with
(22) and secure with four screws
two screws and two Iockwashers
(62), washers (64) and nuts (65).
(b) Using solder (1, Appendix F),
(3) Installation of Circuit Breaker. InstalI c i r -
solder wires to connector (63) in
cuit breaker (15) as follows:
accordance with labels applied dur-
Install o-ring (72) and anti-rotation
ing disassembly.
washer (71) on circuit breaker (73).
(b) Install circuit breaker (73) in appro-
(9) i n s t a l l a t i o n o f C o n n e c t o r J a c k , I n s t a l I
priate hole from rear of front panel
connector jack (6) as follows:
(22) with tang on anti-rotation
Insert connector jack (59) in appro-
washer (71) in small hole in rear of
priate hole in front panel (22).
front panel (22).
(b) Secure connector jack (59) to front
(c) Secure circuit breaker (73) to front
panel (22) with retaining nut (61)
panel (22) with washer (70) and re-
and washer (60).
taining nut (69).
(c) Using solder (1, Appendix F),
(d) Using solder (1, Appendix F),
solder wire to connector jack in ac-
solder wires to circuit breaker (73)
cordance with label applied during
in accordance with labels applied
during disassembly.
(10) installation of Rotary Switch. Install
(4) Installation of Pushbutton Switch. InstalI
rotary switch (5) as follows:
pushbutton switch (14) as follows:
(a) Insert rotary switch (58) in appro-
Insert pushbutton switch (68) into
priate hole from rear of front panel
appropriate hole in front panel
(b) Secure with retaining nut (56) and
(b) Secure pushbutton switch (68) with
washer (57).
washer (67) and retaining nut (66).

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