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TM 11-7010-201-12/ET821-AA-OMI-010/E154 MTS/TO 31S5-2TSQ73-1
designated by a "D" in the Maintenance Category
B-1. General. This appendix provides a summary
of the maintenance operations for the lest Set,
columns in Section II.
Electronic Circuit Plug-In Unit TS-3317( )/TSQ-73.
It authorizes categories of maintenance for specific
B-3. Maintenance Function. Maintenance
maintenance functions on repairable items and
functions for the Test Set, Electronic Circuit Plug-in
components and the tools and equipment required
Unit TS-3317( )/TSQ-73 are defined as follows:
to perform each function.
a. Inspect. To determine the serviceability of an
B-2. Maintenance Concept. Three levels of
item by comparing its physical, mechanical, and/or
maintenance shall be utilized for the equipment as
electrical characteristics with established standards
through examination.
b. Test. To verify serviceability and to detect
Organizational Level
incipient failure by measuring the mechanical or
electrical characteristics of an item and comparing
General Support Level
those characteristics with prescribed standards.
Depot Level.
c. Service. Operations required periodically to
keep an item in proper operating condition. i.e., to
a. Organization Maintenance. That maintenance
clean (decontaminate). to preserve. to drain. to
which is the responsibility of and performed by
using organization on its assigned equipment. Its
paint, or to replenish fuel, lubricants, hydraulic
fluids, or compressed air supplies.
phases normally consist of inspecting, servicing,
d. Adjust. To maintain, within prescribed limits,
lubricating, and adjusting, and the replacement of
by bringing into proper or exact position, or by
parts, minor assemblies and subassemblies. This
setting the operating characteristics to the specified
level is designated by an "O" in the Maintenance
category columns in Section II.
e. Align. To adjust specified variable elements
b. General Support Maintenance. That
of an item to bring about optimum or desired
maintenance which is the responsibility of and
performed by designated maintenance activities to
f. Calibrate. To determine and cause corrections
support lower level activities. In addition, a
to be made or to be adjusted on instruments or test
Specialized Repair Activity (SRA) is designated to
measuring and diagnostic equipments used in
provide PC card repair, using the AN/USM-410.
precision measurement. Consists of comparisons of
General Support Maintenance is normally
two instruments, one of which is a certified
accomplished in fixed shops. This level is
standard of known accuracy, to detect and adjust
designated by an "H" in the Maintenance Category
any discrepancy in the accuracy of the instrument
columns in Section II. The SRA is designated by an
being compared.
(L) in the "H" Maintenance Category columns in
g. Install. The act of emplacing, seating. or
Section II.
fixing into position an item, part, or module
c. Depot Maintenance. That maintenance which
is the responsibility of and performed by designated
(component or assembly) in a manner to allow the
proper functioning of the equipment or system.
maintenance activities, to augment stocks of
h. Replace. The act of substituting a serviceable
serviceable material, and to support lower level
like type part, subassembly, or module (component
activities by the use of more extensive shop
or assembly) for an unserviceable counterpart.
facilities, equipment and personnel of higher
i. Repair. The application of maintenance
technical skills than are available at the lower level
service (inspect, test, service, adjust, align, calibrate,
of maintenance. Its phases normally consist of
replace) or other maintenance actions (welding,
inspection, test, repair, modification, alteration,
grinding, riveting, straightening, facing,
modernization, conversion, overhaul reclamation, or
remachining, or resurfacing) to restore serviceability
rebuild of parts, assemblies, subassemblies,
to an item by correcting specific damage, fault,
components, equipment end items, and weapon
malfunction, or failure in a part, subassembly,
systems; and the manufacture of critical non-
module (component or assembly), end item, or
available parts. Depot Maintenance is normally
accomplished in fixed shops. This level is

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