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Page Title: A bbreviation
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TM 55-4920-400-13 They  are  preceded  by  the  words  “(ATTACHING PARTS)”   and   are   separated   from   the   following parts  by  the  symbol  “_*_”. a. When a part or assembly is listed for reference purposes only and/or is called out elsewhere in the Group  Assembly  Parts  List,  the  abbreviation  “Ref’ appears in the “Units per Assy” column. b. The  following  list  contains  the  abbreviations used in the GAPL. Corresponding words and word phrases are listed in the right-hand column.    A bbreviation Ac Al Amp Ar Assy Brs Dc Dia Fig Ft GAPL Hd Hex In Lg Mtg No. NHA Npt PIN Qty Ref Rh SPDT Sst Std Stl Thd Thk Uf Vac Vdcc Word   or   Word   Phrase Alternating   current Aluminum Ampere As required Assembly Brass Direct  current Diameter Figure Foot Group assy. parts list Head Hexagon Inch Long Mounting Number Next  higher  assembly National taper pipe (thread) Part  Number Quantity Reference Round  head, Right  hand Single pole double throw Stainless steel Standard Steel Thread Thick Microfarad Alternating  current  volts Direct  current  volts c. The  Numerical  index  (page  3-26)  contains  all part  numbers  that  appear  in  the  Group  Assembly Part List and is compiled in accordance with the nu- merical part number filing system described below: d. Part  number  arrangement  starts  in  the  left- hand   (first)   position   and   continues   from   left   to right, one position at a time, until the part number numerical arrangement is determined. The order of precedence in beginning the part number arrange- ment in the extreme left-hand (first position) of the part number is as follows (Alphabetical O’s are con- sidered numerical zeros.): (1) Letters A through Z. (2) Numerals O through 9. e. The order of precedence in continuing the part number arrangement in the second and succeeding positions of the part number from left to right is as follows: (1) Space (blank position) (2) Diagonal  (slant) (3) Point  (period) (4) Dash (-) (5) Letters A thru Z (6) Numerals O thru 9 NOTE Alphabetical  O’s  are  considered  as  numeric  zeros. f. The “Fig. & Index No.” column of the Numer- ical Index contains the figure and index numbers of each part and serves to key part number to their lo- cations in the “Group” Assembly parts list. g. The  “Qty  per  Art.”  column  of  the  Numerical Index reflects the total quantity of each part num- ber required per Tester Assembly. 3-27.  Vendor’s   Codes.   The  following  list  “con- tains  the  names  and  addresses  of  all  contractors supplying items or articles to Satellite Engineering, The   left-hand   column   contains   such   contractor’s code symbols. The code symbols used have been as- signed in accordance with the Federal Supply Code for  Manufacturers  Cataloging  Handbook  H4-1  and H4-2. Federal   Mfr’s Code  No. 00758 06769 08779 08806 Manufacturer Nielsen Products Co. Elmo, Minn. Skinner  Uniflow  Valve Division, Skinner Pre- cision Industries, Inc. Cranford, N. J, Signal Transformer Co. Brooklyn, N. Y. General Electric Co., 15605 18031 45681 61349 Miniature Lamp Dept. Nela Park, Cleveland, Ohio Cutler Hammer Inc. Milwaukee, Wis. Nuclear Products Co. Cleveland, Ohio Parker-Hannifin Corp. Cleveland, Ohio US  Gauge  Division  of Ametek Inc. Sellersville, Pa. 3-8

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